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dan ezra

Dan is a British director based in Mexico City working in commercials, digital content and film.  Born in the seaside bohemia of Brighton, Dan was drawn to film making at an early age due to his father sharing this profession.  After cutting his teeth on sets throughout his teenage years, he would go on to graduate from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth with a degree in film direction.

Upon arriving in Mexico, Dan began working for commercials production companies, and before long, had formed one of his own called Frank and Levy Films.  Within three years he had produced and directed a number of large projects for brands such as Armani, COTY, LALA, Nescafé, L’Oréal and Bayer. 

He has since gained commercial representation at one of Mexico's top production companies Madrefoca and has directed projects for GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, AT&T, Coca Cola, Audi, Despegar, Knorr, Buchanan's, Liverpool, Devlyn Optics, Visit Mexico and Trivago.

Dan has a wide range of experience working in different formats and genres of commercials, be it filming Mustang Shelbys tear through Pueblos Mágicos; or point-of-view travel experiences from yachts to deep jungle; or pulling sincere performances out of non-acting children; or striking visuals for fashion brands; Dan is a keen problem-solver and the juxtaposition in his cultural background brings an unique perspective to his work.

Dan is currently working freelance and also works as a screenwriter for film and television.


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